Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Step!

Well, H2B and I have decided to become pet parents. The discussion was jumpstarted by a friend of his who has three dogs and only wants to have one dog. We contemplated taking one, but unfortunately they are all of a breed that could potentially not be so friendly to "people puppies" (babies) which will likely be joining our family at some point while we have this dog.

H2B and I were at Bed, Bath, and Beyond spending a bridal shower gift card and after having lunch, we decided to cross the parking lot to roam around PetSmart to get an idea of various doggy costs (food, crate, bed, toys, treats, etc). Well, there was a doggy rescue organization there, trying to find pet parents for some of their rescue dogs. Of course H2B and I fell in love with the first one we saw and have applied to become her parents. Things are moving quickly, our three references have been called and we're trying to schedule our home visit. Hopefully we will be approved and can rescue her from the kennel soon. I swear, any ol' anybody can have a baby, but adopting a dog? That's a much more rigorous process!

Stay tuned for the results of our adoption application!


Katie said...

good luck! I looked at the link you posted on facebook, she is so cute!

Kathy J said...

So in the first sentence I skipped the word pet and did a huge double take. Ha! Definitely keep us posted.