Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March is so much better than February

Wow, who knew there were such crazy trends as bad months??

Here's what's goin' on so far:

1) I had a great vacay, which you already read about
2) Last Saturday, I found my iPod in a ziplock bag on the hood of my car. Yup, some nice citizen actually returned it to me. I'm still wrapping my head around that one.
3) H2B is getting out of the Army early. Not as early as January, but 17 whole days sooner than his contract. 23 days and counting...
4) Since H2B will no longer be in North Carolina, I just bought my LAST place ticket into RDU. A one way ticket since we'll be driving home together. Our first really long road trip, I hope it goes well!
5) The weather might not be as nice as I'd like, but I haven't turned the heat on in our apartment for about 3 weeks now. I can't wait to rejoice in my gas/electric bill.

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