Tuesday, March 10, 2009

back from vacation

So I just returned from the best trip home I've had in a long time. For real. I flew out Wednesday morning and returned Sunday night. The perfect amount of time. One day less and it would have felt too short, one day more and it would have felt too long. My mom and I had a great time and hit the perfect balance of wedding productivity and tv watching laziness. The weather was perfect, with the exception of a little rain on Wednesday afternoon.

I got a ton of sleep, the really good kind of sleep that comes when you know you don't have to appreciate it because you have many nights in a row of not having to go to work the next day. I read a ton too, I don't remember the last time I read for the entire flights (cuz there are multiple flights when you're headed to Central California).

But there was a catch. In order to maximize my time at home, my flight didn't leave until 2:45pm and I didn't land in Baltimore until after midnight. Adding in shuttle time to the car and drive time to my apartment, it was a long day and morning came really fast. I now have this bizarre feeling of being very well-rested, but still dragging in the morning. Strange.

Overall though, a great vacation! Now, to get H2B safely out of the field and out of the Army! Only 49 days to go!


Katie said...

49 days is so soon! Congrats! :)

Kathy J said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Fresno. Wish I could have been there to grab a drink at Starbucks and catch up!! Yay for such a short army countdown!