Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darlin' Won't You Ease My Worried Mind

Laaaaaaaylaaaa has found her forever home! (H2B loves Eric Clapton, so we are keeping her name. Layla is four years old (we think she may actually be a little older) and is VERY well behaved. She came to us pre-house trained, a definite plus and knows a few commands. She's very good at "Sit" and listens when you say "Layla no." She's okay with "Stay" and "Come." So far she hasn't chewed on anything that isn't hers and the biggest problem we have is keeping her off the bed. But once we tell her to stay on the floor and in her own bed, she stays there.

We picked Layla up from the rescue kennel on Saturday morning and oh what a great weekend it was! I forgot how a dog fills up a home! Sadly, however, Layla went to North Carolina with H2B. She has some abandonment issues (we are the second people to rescue her) and since H2B only has to work for one hour a day until he gets out of the Army on the 10th, it's better for her to be there with him. She is finally eating her food after several days of getting used to her new family and I am so relieved! I just hope she doesn't end up loving H2B more than me after this two week honeymoon period!

I'm headed down there tomorrow to visit for a weekend of Layla fun and then in just 8 days, H2B and Layla will be moving to Baltimore for good!

Layla on H2B's bed in North Carolina

Catching up on the sleep she missed in the kennel. Six whole weeks there were very stressful for her.

Layla and her new daddy, before she understood that she's allowed on the couch.

Layla and her new mommy relaxing on the couch, it didn't take her long to make herself at home.


Kathy J said...

How fun - A new dog and a VERY short countdown until the army is no more! You're almost into the single digits!!!

Thanks for the birthday note - I'm all for extended birthdays anyway. :o)

Katie said...

I can't believe there are only two weeks left! yay!