Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's a-goin' on?

I know all of my millions of readers are on the edge of your seats wondering what's been going on with me, H2B and our dear Layla. So here's an update:

Layla has officially been "diagnosed" by her vet and her trainer as having severe separation anxiety. Basically, this means that our calm, lazy, well-tempered girl has a panic attack whenever left alone. This leads to destructive behavior in her attempt to find us. Our carpet may never recover. She is on some meds and we are working with her veerrrry sloowwwllly on being left alone for short periods of time (we're up to 5 to ten minutes). Thank goodness H2B is here to give her the company she needs or the apartment would probably no longer be standing. She's eating her food now, praise the lord. It has taken us awhile to get the right combo on kibble and wet food so that she'll actually eat it, and for her to be anxiety-free enough to eat. She loves the pig ears and her bones, so we'll put some weight on her in no time!

H2B is settling in nicely as well. The military movers delivered his things a week ago and he is already unpacked and our households have been officially consolidated. He is spending his days doing some much deserved relaxing, long walks with Layla, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. It's like heaven. I come home to a spotless house, a happy dog, and an H2B with dinner to greet me!

My own road has been a little bumpy during this transitional period. Not only are there so many (good) changes going on, but I am in the middle of a small medical scare. No need to bore you with the details, but I spend the day on Monday getting various tests done. Not exactly my favorite way to spend a vacation day from work. The worst part is that apparently stress can make this type of thing worse, so I need to relax. Can you see the vicious cycle forming? More details on that as things progress. Nothing life threatening, just a minor complication that can be easily fixed. More details on that as things progress.

Oh yeah, and there's wedding planning going on. Sorta. We got distracted...


Katie said...

I'm glad Chuck is settling in nicely. He is amazing, I'd love a spotless house and a wonderful dinner waiting for me!

You two must be amazing parents to Layla if she hates when you leave! And maybe it's all the more reason to get her a companion :)

Happy Almost Weekend!

Kathy J said...

Hopefully night after night of coming home to a spotless apartment, a happy pet, and a chef-of-a-fiancee will be enough to de-stress you in no time. Keep us posted!