Monday, September 15, 2008

Perhaps I'm not growing up after all...

So, having reflected for the past few posts on my growing maturity and wisdom, I would like to share with my loyal readers (all two of you) the backslide that happened today.

Let me start at the beginning...

You know that H2B and I have a shiny, new apartment (but that he doesn't live there yet). I've been make trip after trip to Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc looking for curtains, area rugs, and placemats galore to make this place a home. But it's not enough for me that it be filled with functional items, I want these things to be nice and avoid that "collegey" look of furniture purchased on Craig's List or passed down from dorm rooms of graduating seniors. So as you can see in this photo, I have a deep, purple, velvet couch and 2 Scripps green reading chairs. Now, they look okay together, but finding rugs, curtains, etc that match both has been a challenge.

This past weekend, I went to NC to visit H2B. We each had one goal for the weekend: mine was to find curtains, his was to find matching nightstands. We found neither, but we did score an awesome, brand new couch for $300. Sweet! We had already agreed to get a futon for the spare bedroom, so that it can still be usable space for us, but still a comfy(ish) guest room. This means goodbye to the Purple Beast.

At first I was happy; we had a great new couch that was more comfortable and easier to decorate around. Plus, it's an actual adult person couch whereas I bought the Purple Beast from my old boss when she moved from LA to NYC, and she had bought it used from someone else. So who even knows how old this thing is and it's getting a little shabby.

But today, as I was asking various co-workers if they knew of any college age kids who could use a cheap, super cute couch, I suddenly got this overwhelming feeling that I am just not ready to let go of the Purple Beast. It was my first major furniture purchase (by volume, not by cost) and I do love the color and it's quite comfy. I have a sense that there's some deeper, psychological reason for my wanting to keep it. I just don't know what that is yet... All I know is, I'm clearly not as grown up as I'd like to think. And I'm good with that.

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