Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Moved!!

Yay! The move that I’ve been waiting for since H2B and I signed the lease in JUNE finally happened over the long weekend! Now that it’s over, I can tell you that it’s done, all my belongings are in tact and within the four walls of my new swanky apartment. However, the road getting there was so full of bumps and potholes, I prefer to call it an obstacle course.

As I may have mentioned previously, my new apartment building is indeed new. It was just built. When H2B and I first toured it, the interior walls weren't even up yet, just the framing so we could see (sort of) the size and shape of the rooms. Our fingers were tightly crossed that we would be able to move Saturday or Sunday of Labor Day weekend, instead of having to wait till Monday of this rare three-day weekend. After going back and forth a million times with the managers, we finally convinced them to let us in on Sunday.

Stubborn H2B did not feel that the cost of hiring movers for something we could do ourselves was not money well spent. I was not able to change his mind on this, but he did convince his army friend, Frank, to come up and help out. I was a little nervous about this, no offense Frank, because I've had professional movers several times in the past and they are great. Moving yourself just blows. So mid-week last week, H2B calls me and says Frank can't come. I paniced and made the executive decision that professioal movers were now not only preferrable, but necessary. I found some who were available on this very popular moving weekend, 3 movers for 3 hours for only $306. Not bad at ALL! A half hour later, H2B calls back saying Frank now CAN come. I kept the movers, but welcomed Frank to come up and enjoy the wonders of Baltimore.

Sunday morning, at 9am, the three of us were hanging out on my front steps waiting. Around 9:30, H2B asks if we should call the movers to see where they are. Trying to be very laid back and relaxed (totally uncharacteristically), I tell him movers are always late and not to worry. 9:45 rolls around. No movers. I call the company, they are worried because this crew is supposedly very reliable. Yeah, they were in a horrible car accident and at a local hospital, wondering if their driver was going to make it or not. Of course I felt horrible for them, but was also thinking "well now what am I going to do?" This most excellent moving company got me a replacement crew by noon! Amazing! I highly recommend them, if you're moving soon, check out

So my new apartment is all set. At least at first glace. All boxes and miscellaneous furniture is in the spare bedroom, with the door shut. I foresee it staying that way until H2B returns to town. He is the nester of the two of us. I'm not one to put stuff up on the walls or unpack boxes full of crap that I should probably throw away when I could be on the couch watching a Law & Order SVU marathon or trashy movies on Lifetime.

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Kathy J said...

Congrats on a successful move!