Monday, August 18, 2008

Anxiety and Disorder

I have returned from my weekend in Hicksville, NC. It was, as usual, very relaxing. H2B and I watched movies, snuggled, and ate a lot of food, none of it healthy. I also slept A LOT. I’m still tired though and here’s why...

I’m stressed about my upcoming move. I know, I know, I’ve moved before. I’ve moved eight times (including this one) in four years. I’ve moved by myself, I’ve moved with the help of friends, I’ve hired movers. I’ve moved two miles, I’ve moved 60 miles, I’ve moved 3,000 miles. But I’m still stressed. I don’t find this abnormal, most of my friends would agree that this is a stressful thing. H2B, however, doesn’t get it.

Over the weekend, he did his best to try to help. He asked what I was stressed about and my response was simple: “the move.” It turns out, in the mind of some men, this is not specific enough. He asked if I was stressed that it wouldn’t get done, nope. He asked if I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get everything packed up in time, nope. He asked if I was worried that the truck would break down on the highway somewhere in the five miles between my old place and my new place, nope. It’s just general anxiety about the whole event. Living amongst the chaos of boxes and disarranged furniture makes me crazy. I don't like living in that kind of disorder. It’s a stressful thing, you know?

I guess it just never occurred to me that my worries needed to have a solution, or even be that concrete. Is it just me or is it a gender thing? Or is it neither, just a difference in personality?

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