Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As I sit here, around 10am on Election Day, I'm finding it difficult to get up the motivation to fight the lines at the polls to vote. Don't get me wrong, I will vote; this election is too close, too important, and too historical not to. Plus I want the right to complain and complain and complain should McCain win, a right that I would forfeit if I didn't vote. But this only applies to the presidential portion of this election. I have yet to invest enough in Maryland to be able to make an informed decision on many of the issues.

I actually find myself more interested in the California election than the Maryland one. California has two propositions this year that are super important. Proposition 8 would ban gay marriage and proposition 4 would require minors to get parental permission to get an abortion. These are issues that I would MUCH rather be voting on than Maryland's question 2. If question 2 passes, slot machines would be legalized in Maryland to help fund schools. Whoopedy Doo! This is not a major issue in the grand scheme of things. Yes, funding education is a big deal and yes, Marylanders who travel to Virginia or Delaware are helping to fund schools in those states as of now. But since I am out of school and don't have kids yet, I'd rather be weighing in the California props.

So there is my little political rant, they are few and far between, so I hope you enjoyed it!

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